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The Devils to be Streamed on Shudder Uncut

The Devils

In big news for American viewers of Shudder, today they will be able to watch The Devils on the AMC-backed horror service.¬†Considered one of the most controversial films of all time, the Shudder release marks not only the first time the film has been publicly available for U.S. audiences in decades, but the first time…

Watch the First Five Minutes of Sadako vs Kayako Here

sadako vs kayako

Sadako vs Kayako has arrived on Shudder, and the battle of The Ring and Grudge is about to begin. Like all good battles, a little teaser is always welcome and today we have that in the form of the first five minutes of the film. We won’t spoil too much of these opening scenes, but…

New Trailer for Sadako vs Kayako Creeps Online

sadako vs kayako

In what could be the biggest horror grudge match since Freddy vs Jason, Sadako vs Kayako is on its way to the UK and will be shown¬†exclusively on Shudder, the new Horror on demand site. Today we have a new trailer to tease the bitch battle, and it is obvious that things are going to…