Skyfall: James Bond and the Casino

As James Bond is set to return to the big screen with Skyfall I thought I’d take the time to look at one of the themes that run strong through his films. Whether it be the spoof version of Casino Royale, or even the more serious Daniel Craig version gambling and the Casino environment go hand in hand with Bond and his style. If anything you can say his experience in casinos is definitely shaken, not stirred.

Bond is the master of the card game, whether it was Sean Connery using the games to introduce himself to the world of his latest nemesis or even Roger Moore, the art of gambling has always been a part of his investigative style. Even his sense of fashion fits the extravagant world of the gamblers. You could say that James Bond is a gambler with life as well as the cards and he’s never one to lose his bets.

When looking at Bond’s history, through all his incarnations it’s an accepted fact that if he has the chance you will find him in the casino spending his cash to seduce the more notorious elements of society, it’s a part of his most powerful arsenal and a tool he uses even before his license to kill has even come into play. People may think that his art of seduction only works on the ladies, but in truth he also knows the weakness of men, and that is money.

I’m sure when Skyfall finally makes its way into cinemas it will feature at least one scene where Bond is once again gambling, it’s part of his style as an English gentleman and shrewd investigator. He fights crime with his gambling brain and his skills as an assassin, and there is one thing for sure, whatever he gambles with he’s sure to win in the end.