Pissed Off Geek Twitch Streaming Page

One thing we are looking to do on Pissed Off Geek is more streaming of games. Sometimes we are able to get access to games early (especially when we are working on reviews) and if there was a call for it, we would be happy to stream. To do this we need to know if people want to see it. One way this can be done is to go to our Twitch channel and hit follow. This is free to do as it is not a subscribe, all it shows is that there is a desire to see us play games. We can’t promise that we’ll be able to impress you with our gaming prowess, but you can see us game.

When we stream gameplay we will do it through Twitch streaming, which will come through our Twitch channel. Our aim with this gaming channel is to not only have people see how bad we are at games but also if we are lucky be able to preview some games that are not yet released.

Most of the time though it will be just us deciding to play a game, and to turn the streaming on just for the fun of it. We can’t promise that we’ll be entertaining, but we do play enough games to be able to stream and who knows you people just might like it?

If you want to find me on Steam you can also add me, my name on there is also pissedoffgeek

Watch live video from PissedOffGeek on www.twitch.tv
So if you want to see us streaming games, go over and give us a follow and let us know. Also let us know what types of games you want to see. If we have access to them then we’ll play them for you on our Twitch streaming page.