Cookie Policy

Just what are these cookies?

‘Cookies’ are small files that are saved on your computer to save information like your preferences for a website, if you have been there before and other things.

How does this site use cookies?

To be able to service the users of the site we need to be able to see how many readers we actually have.  Using cookies we are able to track and perform some simple analysis on what is popular on the site, how many people read it and what we can make better.  These cookies are saved by such tools as Google Analytics so it can create reports for us to just say who visited the site and where from.

Advertising: Some advertising use cookies to save basic information on what has been viewed.  This is not detailed information about the person but normally if they have clicked before and what country they were from.

What to do if you want to control the use of Cookies?

Within the browser you use you will have the ability to stop cookies being saved on your computer.  If you feel the need to block cookie creation please visit this site it will give you all the information you need on how to delete cookies and block their creation.