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‘Neruda’ Review – Poetic Storytelling


Films based on the years after World War 2 are always interesting because they look at how the world changed forever. Going through huge changes forced by such a chaotic event, many people were still victims of political change. Neruda is one of these stories, but it takes an interesting perspective based on the characters…

‘Okja’ Review – A Tale of Friendship and Capitalism


In a world where we are running out of food and our population is increasing, finding an answer to the problem is something the world is working on. Okja shows the dark side of solving the problem, where meat becomes a currency that can be manufactured for economic gain. Mija (An Seo-Hyun) is a girl who…

Pitch Perfect 3 Teaser Trailer Sings its Way Online

Pitch Perfect 3

The Pitch Perfect movies are easy to like, mainly because they manage to be funny. Today we have the new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 which takes the Bellas out of college and into the real world. Can they find success as a group, or should they have just given up when they graduated? Watch…