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‘Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell’ Review

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell

When a film has a name like Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell, it comes with certain expectations. Described as the Japanese Evil Dead, that is a lofty claim. So, can the crazy titled film live up to the name of Evil Dead? When a bodybuilder, his ex-girlfriend and a professional psychic enter a haunted…

‘Sully: Miracle on the Hudson’ Review


If there is one thing we know about 2017, it is that it is a dark time. What we need is a glimmer of hope, something to show that there is still good out there, and surprisingly there is evidence of that in movies like Sully: Miracle on the Hudson. Though it also shows the…

‘Pieces’ Review (Arrow Video Limited Edition Blu-Ray)


Pieces is one of those movies that horror fans instantly fall in love with. While some would write it off as just another bad movie, others will love those moments of unintentional humour, especially from the dubbed version. This is what makes the Arrow Video Pieces Limited Edition release on Blu-ray so much fun. When…