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‘The Crow’s Eye’ Review (PC) – Well Worth Checking Out

The Crow's Eye

When a game opens up with you in an old Victorian style building, there are some assumptions made. This is what happens when you first load up The Crow’s Eye. Wandering the corridors of the Medical University of Crowswood though, it isn’t long before things start to change. In 1947 four students disappeared within the…

‘Switch or Die Trying’ Review (PC)

Switch or Die Trying

Platform games had to adapt to survive in the latest generations of gaming, and they did so in many ways. You have the 3D style where the open world environment extended the way platforms were interacted with, then you had the ones that stayed 2D (or 2D.5) and upped the challenge. This is where Switch…

‘Tales of Berseria’ Review (PC)

Tales of Berseria

If there is one style of game that has the ability to take you to strange places it has to be the JRPG. What this strangeness gives us though is games the likes of Tales of Berseria where you play a Daemon with a blood sucking claw who wages a battle of vengeance against against Exorcists.…