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Netflix’s Death Note Now Has a Teaser Trailer

Death Note

I’m a fan of Death Note the series, the live-action film and even its sequel. To see the westernised version on its way raises many questions. I will say though Adam Wingard is a director that we can trust to do a good job. This is probably why I do hold out some hope for this…

New Baywatch Trailer Features More Johnson on Show


After I got your attention with the Johnson headline (Dwayne Johnson) of course you’ll see just why I did with the new Baywatch trailer. Not only is Johnson proving himself to be the biggest star of 2017 (so far) in terms of awesome trailers, but there is plenty of him on show. The action is…

The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti: An AMD Killer?


The world of gaming technology has come on a lot in the last couple of years with both major players in the gaming space ratcheting up their offerings. Last year, AMD released its Polaris architecture, but many gamers were disappointed by the fact that the graphics cards that came with it were decidedly “mid-range.” This…

‘The Walking Dead 7×14’ Review – The Other Side

The Walking Dead

The war is nearing and tensions are running high in The Walking Dead, so now is the time for people to do stupid things. This means of course it is time for Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) to visit the Saviours. With Rosita and Sash on their way to try to take down…

‘The Crow’s Eye’ Review (PC) – Well Worth Checking Out

The Crow's Eye

When a game opens up with you in an old Victorian style building, there are some assumptions made. This is what happens when you first load up The Crow’s Eye. Wandering the corridors of the Medical University of Crowswood though, it isn’t long before things start to change. In 1947 four students disappeared within the…