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‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ Review

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The first movie I saw directed by Guy Ritchie was Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. When I started watching King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, little did I know that I’d find myself comparing the gangster feel of the two. In many ways this represents how confusing a movie it can be, especially when…

The Awesome New Trailer for The Punisher is Here

The Punisher

Are you ready for some super-violence? Well The Punisher trailer is here. Ever since we saw him in Daredevil he has been in the shadows waiting to bring his own style of vengeance to the screen. In this new trailer, I like the way it starts off all peacefully, and we see his perfect life.…

‘Arrow – The Complete Fifth Season’ Review


It feels like recently I’ve been reviewing way too many superhero series. I’ve gone from the dorky style of Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow, to the slightly more serious The Flash. Now it is time to look at Arrow – The Complete Fifth Season, which takes things even more seriously. In Arrow – The…

New Trailer Reveals Colin Furze’s Furze World Wonders

Furze World Wonders

In the world of inventing, what makes things a little more interesting? flamethrowers and explosions help a lot. If you’ve ever seen Colin Furze’s YouTube videos you’ll know that there are plenty of explosions, fire, and other destructive elements added to his inventions to keep things interesting for his viewers. Today we have the new…

WWE 2K18 Gameplay Trailer Prepares to “Burn it Down”

WWE 2k18

If you are a fan of WWE you’ll know what each year brings in gaming, and that is the release of another WWE game. Today we have the new gameplay trailer for WWE 2K18 showing off some of the in-ring action as well as entrances for your favourite wrestlers. If there is anything that will…