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What is Pissed Off Geek?
Pissed Off Geek was started by Paul Metcalf (you can read about him below) as a place for him to write about what he loves and that is movies.  Since its initial creation and a hell of a lot of work the site has grown to offer news and reviews on everything from movies and books to television shows and the latest tech news, it has also further grown to include the horror site Truly Disturbing often seen as the second side of Pissed Off Geek.  Always looking for ways to grow, you’ll always find new sections springing up as the site constantly extends it’s focus in the world of entertainment.

With it’s constantly growing readers (and unique visitors) Pissed Off Geek is always looking to grow and always welcomes guest reviewers who have the same passion as Paul does.  If you’ve ever wanted to write for a website like this Pissed Off Geek is always open to people contacting them and you’ll always find a friendly ear.  We are always open to advertising too if it’s in the right context, but the aim will always be to offer the readers the best environment possible so no pop up adds.  If you asked Pissed Off Geek what their mission was they would say it’s creating websites to share their opinion on everything geek.  You don’t have to agree with everything expressed here, but if you find it helpful then that’s a job well done.


pzomb2Paul Metcalf – Owner and Managing Editor
Paul, also known as “PZOMB” on some of his online reviews has managed to turn his obsession with all things geeky into what you see today.  He’s opinionated and often finds that he likes things that others don’t, in fact he never really falls into any criteria with the things he takes an interest in.  While running Pissed off Geek and keeping Truly Disturbing running, he also finds time to write for websites like Nerdly.co.uk and TheTechStuff.com giving his views and reviews on not only films, games, television and books but also some of the latest tech releases out.  He tries to be fair, but often finds himself pissed off with a lot of the news he has to report on, especially when it comes to remakes but then again how do you think he came up with the name Pissed off Geek anyway?

To contact Paul about anything email him here or contact him through Twitter at @PissedOGeek



  • I have a couple of books I was wondering if you were interested in reviewing.

    Duncan’s Diary, Birth of a Serial Killer
    JournalStone’s 2010 Warped Words, For Twisted Minds.

    I have both in electronic version and would love it if you would read both or either one.