Would You Really Want To Trade Lives With Your Favorite TV Characters?

When you’re obsessed with a certain TV show, it can become your life. Or, taking that one step further, you can often wish it was your life. Although it’s so easy to find yourself wrapped up in things, and wishing that your life was like your favorite TV characters, you probably wouldn’t want to trade places with them if you really did get the choice.

They Seem To Be Really Lucky, Or Unlucky!

In some small TV towns and on some TV streets, there seems to be a lot of bad luck going on. People get stalked and killed all of the time in some of our favorite shows. Because a lot of drama and bad stuff happens – for dramatic effect. So would you really trade your lovely little life for that?

Their Lives Are Complicated

Again, it makes for good TV, but your favorite characters sure do have stressful lives. No matter the TV show, they’re always arguing with someone, or falling out with someone else. If their lives were normal, like ours are, then it wouldn’t really make the show interesting. Remember that.

Their Reality, Isn’t Really Reality

So, they don’t ever seem to go to work – and when they do, they spend it chatting with their friends. What a life, hey? Well, consider the salaries the below infographic is showing and you might want to think again. Because if their reality were real, their lives wouldn’t always be so enviable after all.

Source: Sunny Infographic

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