3 Excellent Android Apps You Should Try

Android is a brilliant mobile operating system for many reasons, but one of the most important ones has always been how much leeway Google has given developers. While Apple kept iOS tightly within their own grasps, Android allowed developers to play around with just about everything.


This led to apps being created that were not possible on Apple phones, such as third party keyboards. While Apple has since caught up in that arena, Android has remained a great platform on which developers can ply their trade.

There are many excellent apps which you absolutely must try. Some serve more important uses than others, but those with less significance can be equally as cool.

Here are 3 of the best.

  1. Chromer

One of the most annoying first world problems is having to skip around from one tab to another. Links in browsers either take you away from the page you’re looking at or go into the background, to only load when you go to have a look at them later. It would be great if you could seamlessly switch from one to another.

Chromer does just that. It’s a browser that opens up any links you click in a bubble format similar to the now defunct Link Bubble. You can open up many at once to check in on later or as you go. You can share them and load them into full pages if you need to.

It’s especially convenient for when you’re doing research on a topic, and can be very helpful when you’re trying to read a news story that expects you to know a lot of context.

Chromer is exclusive to Android, so you can lord your browsing experience over your Apple-loyal friends.

  1. ExpressVPN 

There’s no doubt that you need a VPN for Android. One of the downsides of Android’s flexibility is that users are a little more vulnerable. It’s a trade-off for being able to use your phone the way you like. But that’s not really the point – every smartphone (and any device really) that uses the internet needs a VPN. Considering that we use the internet for everything, we put ourselves at risk. A hacker can get hold of very personal information and open us up to identity theft. Good antivirus software won’t prevent this, but a VPN will go a long way to doing so.

ExpressVPN is probably the best VPN for Android, but there are other good options, such as NordVPN and PrivateVPN. Make sure to do your research, as many of the free apps available don’t work.

  1. Clipboard Actions

Another app exclusive to Android users, Clipboard Actions takes copy/pasting to a level you didn’t know you needed. Once you’ve started using it, you realise how primitive our current copy/paste system still is. You can’t copy multiple things, or browse through the things that were important enough for you to hang onto. Clipboard Actions finally lets you do that.

But not only will it keep your clipboard items, it will also give you contextual options, including news items, apps, and functions you can perform connected to what you’ve copied.

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