Virtual Reality: Are We Over the Hype?

Virtual Reality has been around for some time now, and it is fair to say that the hype surrounding it has dampened down. That doesn’t mean that it is dead, but that it isn’t going to take over gaming anytime soon. With games like Pokemon Go that uses augmented reality showing a lot more success, why hasn’t virtual reality had the same impact on the gaming market?

PlayStation VR

At the Paris Games Week there were plenty of PlayStation VR games on show, but while some bring something special to the platform there was still that problem that the games being released looked like mini-games. What VR needs is something more substantial, a good example of this has been Resident Evil 7 which made good use of the headset and offered the chance to experience the full game.

There is potential for virtual reality to find its niche, especially for those who own a headset and want to make use for it. Looking at the Internet and what it can offer, this is where the use can really take off. All kinds of entertainment can use the headset, whether it be tours of universities and gallery’s, special events or watching videos in a more immersive experience. The possibilities are endless; The users just need to have it made available to them.

One thing that PlayStation VR has shown is the ability to watch movies using the headsets. While it is possible to watch movies on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, there are some issues at the moment, especially for 3D movies. Once these problems are passed it would be fun to get lost in movies using a VR headset, and I could see people, including myself putting a iTunes Gift Card to good use to buy one of the latest movie releases to enjoy them on one of the headsets.

What we see with virtual reality, whether it be PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, or the Oculus, is that it needs time. There needs to be games to play on them, and there needs to be the interest from consumers. With games like the already mentioned Resident Evil 7, and also Star Trek: Bridge Crew there is potential, but that potential needs time to show any impact.

There are of course other parts of the entertainment industry that can take advantage of virtual reality too. Facebook are investing a lot in the use of VR, and big sports events are too. The ability to watch concerts is something that could come in the future, if the market is there. These all show that there is a potential for virtual reality to find success. Right now, it feels like this will be the future.

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