The Most Rewarding Online Casino Slots

In this era of the internet of things, virtually everything can be accessed online; and of course, the gambling industry refuses to be left online. These New Online Slots offer the same services as traditional casinos, only the slot machines have been replaced by computer programs and random number generators. These online casinos can either be accessed directly from the internet or they can be downloaded as software packages onto PCs and smart phones. Due to their convenience and higher odds promised by gaming companies, online casinos may soon completely replace the traditional block and mortar casinos. So for those of you who have been thinking of trying your luck, this one is for you.

When looking for an online slot to stake your money on, it’s best to look out for slots with a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of about 93% or more. This means that for every $100 you put in, you should expect to get at least $93 back. Also, the greater the RTP, the greater your chances of winning on that slot. According to online casino review sites, some of the most rewarding online casino slots include:

  • Super Heroes: This is a classic slot with a 98% payout rating rating and an acceptable RTP
  • Under the Bed: This is a 3D slot with a 97% payout rating and a high RTP
  • Thunderstruck II: with this slot you are guaranteed a 97% payout rating
  • Fire and Steel: Thus high roller slot promises a 97% payout rating.
  • Rocks Revenge: With this classic slot, you are promises a 96% payout rating as well as as a $250 registration promo bonus.
  • Warriors Crystals of Power: This video slot promises a 96% payout rating.
  • After Night Falls: This is a 3D slot which promises a payout rating of about 95% and a very high RTP
  • Guns N’Roses: This video slot promises 95% payout rating.

Other rewarding slots to try out are: progressive jackpot slot Samba Sunset, Motorhead, Arcadia i3D, Achilles, Aliens, Mega moolah and so many others detailed on the Casino Whizz site. The amazing thing about these online casino spots is the fact that you can sit on your couch or in the parking lot and make tons of money and also lose some if it is not your lucky day. This convenience gives it an edge over the conventional casinos. So when someone says let’s head to the casino, they just be referring to their mobile phones.

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