The Best Kinds of Browser Games You Should Play

Gaming has never been more popular and more widespread than it is right now. That’s largely down to the mass proliferation of games that we all have at our disposal right now. You don’t need an expensive PC or console to play games. Browser games and app games are used by pretty much everyone on a daily basis. And it’s time browser games got a little more love and attention. Here are the very best genres.

Tower Defence

Tower defence games tend to be very simple. You have to defend a certain area by setting up guns or fighters along a particular path so that the advancing enemy can’t reach you and defeat you. These are one of the most common types of browser games, and people who enjoy them tend to spend a lot of time on them.


Rhythm games have been around on all platforms for a long time. Their beauty is most definitely in their simplicity. Anyone can have fun with rhythm games, and that’s what makes them so appealing. You can set high scores and then try to beat them time after time. It can become pretty addictive after a while. They also tend to feature different kinds of music.


Casino games can come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s all about simulating the experience of playing games live in a real casino. There are online multiplayer options that provide things like a casino games bonus. Or there are straight up and simple browser games that you can play by yourself when you have some spare time.

Motorbike Physics

Physics games are ideally suited to the browser format. It’s all about movement, and you often need nothing more than the direction keys on your keyboard. What could be more simple yet enjoyable? Physics games involved motorbikes and their movement through varying terrains are particularly common and appealing. There is so many of them out there, and they can provide you with plenty of fun when you have time to kill.


Puzzles have been around a lot longer than any video game. But it remains the case that games and puzzles go hand in hand. If you want to use your brain to solve a problem and put your mind to the test for real, there are so many great browser puzzle games out there for you to make the most of. There’s something for all kinds of puzzle fans.


There are a lot of great games that demand the player try to find their way out of a room within the game. It’s about finding clues within the scenario and solving problems in order to escape. Right now, these escape games are more popular than they have ever been. They require real thought and skill, and some of them can be very challenging indeed.
Each of these games will offer you a lot of fun and enjoyment, so try them all out on your browser for free if you never have before now.

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