Rain Man – The Story of a Brilliant Mind

Rain Man is a comedy drama released in 1988 that was set in America. It’s a story of how Charlie Babbitt, played by Tom Cruise, discovers that all of his estranged father’s estate has been left not to him but to his other son Raymond, played by Dustin Hoffman. Both Charlie and Raymond are very different characters who come together to take on a Las Vegas casino in order to win big, thanks to the skills that Raymond possesses.

rain man

Charlie is a typically abrasive and arrogant character, who comes across as an extremely selfish young man. He wheels and deals in the car business literally, delivering expensive vehicles to his customers who are all high roller types. This is where the story begins as Charlie has taken a loan out to secure four Lamborghinis for import which he has buyers for. He’s taken deposits but things go wrong as the cars all fail to adhere to the emission regulations.

After the death of his father he travels to settle the estate as you would expect. He is due to receive his father’s car but he’s astounded to know that the majority of his father’s estate will be going to an unnamed party, who he later learns is his older brother Raymond, who he had no idea existed in the first place. Raymond suffers from savant syndrome, with a superb memory that allows him to recall things instantly. Charlie wants half of the estate and tries all manner of methods such as taking his brother rout of his mental institution and then demanding the money for his return or trying to get custody of Raymond.

It’s during a road trip Charlie realises that Raymond has an exceptional skill set which allows him to count hundreds of objects all in one go, he’s literally a sort of human calculator. It’s these skills which Charlie puts to use when the four Lamborghini’s he had imported had been seized by the creditor. He’s $80,000 in the red and he sets about on a plan that would see Raymond counting cards in a Las Vegas casino while playing blackjack. Rather than needing to master or learn blackjack, Raymond could actually remember every card that had been dealt and therefore play to his advantage. The plan works and Charlie has recouped enough to cover the money lost on the cars.

It’s a real turning point as Charlie is offered money to leave Raymond be but he has developed a brotherly love for him and wants to have a relationship with him going forward. He remembers that his imaginary friend called “Rain Man” was actually Raymond and that they did know each other when they were both younger. Although he allows Raymond to head back to the mental institution, you can see a huge change in Charlie and you can also see just how much he appreciates and loves his brother.

It’s a great story that shows how people can change over time and due to circumstance. Not only that but it shows some of the special skills people can possess such as the ability to count cards which sees them capable of winning big at a casino.

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