Why Outsource Windows App Development?

You’ve done all the work and planning and now you are in the market for an app developer. You search high and low but cannot seem to find an offer that meets all your requirements of time and money. It might be time to start looking outside of your country and market. Outsourcing application development is rising in popularity. There are many advantages to working with an offshore company. Price, timing, and quality are the top three. Shopping around is necessary to find a company that fits with your business well. Outsourcing is more than just finding someone else to do a project. It is about forming a partnership.

Advantages of Outsourcing

When you outsource to an app development company, you are partnering with a team of developers and managers. If done correctly, you gain an application that is highly functional, efficient, and unique with a user-friendly interface. The development company provides the full lifecycle of software development processes at a lower cost. Here are some of the advantages of such an arrangement.

  • Cost – Money is one of the biggest reasons businesses choose to outsource. It not only allows you to reduce development costs, but you can also invest that extra capital in new development paths for your company. Many times, the cost of hiring new employees and purchasing equipment to build these applications is cost prohibitive. If you use the staff you already have, you get a subpar product because they are not trained in development, and you are preventing them from focusing on the job they were hired to do. By outsourcing, you get highly skilled labor at a low cost.
  • Time – Because you are hiring a team of professionals, you save yourself the time of recruiting and training new employees. Working with companies based in Ukraine, you can nearshore to a business in a similar time-zone. This means you aren’t working around someone else’s schedule. Businesses like Redwerk will even adjust their schedule to align with your working hours if you so desire. They are also able to allocate new developers to your Windows App Development project which saves you time and allows you to accelerate time to market.
  • Quality – With Microsoft outsourcing, you are hiring a team of developers experienced with Windows apps that have worked on similar projects. You can depend on the expertise of these individuals. Because your team has a strong development background and can focus on your specific project, you get a custom product that is unique and reliable. Your team will find and utilize the most effective methodology and adapt it to your project. One of the biggest benefits you will enjoy is quality assurance. The company you hire should test every single feature and each interface element to make sure everything runs exactly as it should

Hiring an Outsourced Team

When hiring an offshore company to do your web development, you want to make sure that you are hiring a team that will provide security and quality control. Be very specific about your expectations in the contract. Reliable companies like Redwerk work under non-disclosure agreements that restrict third-party access to any confidential information. In order to keep data secure for both parties, they operate under mutual confidentiality and no-compete agreements. They also go the extra mile by taking responsibility for your software but do not make a copyright or patent claim on your product.

Choose to partner with a company with a focus on quality assurance. They should stand by their work. Competition is high. Research different IT companies. You want a commitment to high-standards on work that provide open communication with you. Remember, this is a partnership. You want to be able to rely on your partner’s expertise and trust that the finished product will be up to your standards.


Look for professionals in the field of Microsoft application development. You want to hire a team of experts that are familiar with Windows technologies. Just because you are able to get a product at a more affordable price doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice quality. Outsourced companies provide you with an exceptional product within a time that works for you. They have experience in their field and can offer reliable advice based on this knowledge and from working on similar projects.


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