TIFF 17 – Slim, Slick & Packed with Movie Magic

Lots of people are thrilled about the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. This film festival goes back to October 18, 1976, and it has been entertaining people ever since. Today, people can’t stop talking about TIFF 17 – slim, slick & packed with movie magic.

tiff 2017

The film festival will take place between Sep 7, 2017 and Sep 17, 2017, so people certainly have a lot of time to really experience great entertainment when they are there. Many people have been watching the trailers for this event for a long period of time by this point, and they might not be able to believe that the event is finally taking place.

One of the great things about film festivals like this is the simple fact that there are lots of highly experimental movies there. Hollywood is taking fewer and fewer risks with movies these days. Hollywood has more or less provided a huge portion of the world’s film entertainment for so long, partly because Hollywood has been so great at expanding and offering people more and more opportunities to see its films.

There is no reason for people to believe that Hollywood films entirely define the film industry today. There are lots of nations that are producing all of their own films. There are many small and independent films getting produced today. People are going to start having an easier time getting films that do not perfectly follow the Hollywood model in the modern world.

There are lots of great films on display at the Toronto International Film Festival, and people can enjoy the output of an industry that appears to be genuinely different in a lot of important ways. That’s certainly part of the appeal when it comes to an industry like this one. People are very interested in the fact that there is still a place for movies that do not perfectly fit with the Hollywood model, especially in a world where the Hollywood model seems to be restricting creativity.

The 2010’s could be the single worst decade for Hollywood movies. Almost every single movie that has been released during this time period has been part of a superhero blockbuster franchise. Some superheroes have gotten two separate franchises in the 2010’s alone. Almost every other movie that was not necessarily part of a superhero franchise was at least a sequel, a reboot, or something else that didn’t really need to be made in the eyes of a lot of film fans.

It’s hard for a lot of people to cope with the output of Hollywood these days. Fortunately, there is still a lot of creative original media now. People just have to watch television in order to find this sort of output in the modern world. They can get a lot of great results from the highly creative television available through the streaming sites online today. They can get great movies through a lot of those sites as well. They can also turn to the film festivals of Toronto and elsewhere in order to see some films that are genuinely different.

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