The Best Gambling and Casino Movies You Didn’t Know Existed

Gambling and casino movies are a genre of their own, and many are interested in this sort of film revolving around a little luck and a lot of bad luck. Whether or not the protagonists get into or out of trouble is entirely unknown until the very end in most cases, and it all makes for a thrilling viewing experience. However, many great gambling movies of old have been lost to newer generations. Here are some of the top ones you should check out if you want to get into this film genre. If you want more casino action, you can click here.

The Sting

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid came out all the way back in 1965. It’s understandable how the younger folks might know about it. The movie is not only fun to watch because of its story and intrigue but also thanks to its amazing cast compile of none other than Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson. Of course, there are more characters worth mentioning like Jack Weston and the unmistakable Ann-Margaret.

The movie is about a guy that has a knack for gambling and wants to be known as the very best, so he sets out to play against and beat some of the best gamblers in all the land. No matter what happens on screen, you won’t be able to tell yourself that you know what’s going on until the very last instance when the credits roll.

The Sting

We venture closer to our times with this one, as it took place in 1973. Once again, the cast does the movie justice, and the big names that portray the leading characters have brought a lot of people to see the film, back in its day. The movie has its roots drawing inspiration from The Big Con, which is attributed to David Maurer, which in turn sheds light on the con artist concerns of the 1920’s. There were quite a few big scams back then, and they’ve remained embedded in history one way or another.

It’s one of those movies where you get to enjoy yourself thoroughly while watching it but also step away from it with a richer base of knowledge.

California Split

This Robert Altman piece comes just one year after the previously mentioned The Sting. If you are a poker and casino setting enthusiast, this movie will surely tickle your fancy as it takes you through a showing of all kinds of gambling opportunities. From the poker table in a casino to the trace tracks, anything represents a dangerous vice, and California Split manages to capture it in its full movie material splendor.

Betting is all about winning but what do you do when winning is not enough anymore? You should check the film out to find the answer to that question.

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