The Best Smartphones for the Dedicated Mobile Gamer

Phone sluggish? Has it been years since you last got a new phone? Or maybe you’re due for an upgrade and you’re not sure what to pick? If you love a bit of mobile gaming, then you’re probably after a phone that has great gaming performance and comes with several features that can fuel your gaming passion.

What to look for with a gaming smartphone

Here are a couple of things you’ll probably want to consider when picking a phone for mobile gaming:


  • Good battery life: no one wants to be caught with a low battery when they’re in the middle of a gaming session. Mobile gaming has the advantage of being portable, which is why it’s important to have great battery life so that you can continue gaming even when you’re not near a power outlet, and this is why it’s important to get a phone with a large battery
  • A large screen: playing on a small screen isn’t as immersive and enjoyable as a large screen. Look for something with at least a 5-inch screen if you want to see your games in all their glory
  • Good performance: Most games nowadays will require a beefy smartphone to run without any stops and slowdowns. If you’ve bought a smartphone from this year, then it can probably run most games you throw at it, but a couple of specs to look out for is the RAM that your phone has. With at least 2GB of RAM, you’ll be able to play every game on the smartphone market today, but it’s worth future-proofing by getting a more powerful phone.

For more information about specs, take a look at for detailed information about each of the popular smartphones on the market today. This will help you decide what’s in your budget and what can be considered a bargain deal.

iPhone vs Android

It’s worth noting that there are a few games that are only available for one platform. This article from will give you a good idea of some iOS exclusive games that might sway your decision.

iPhone 7

Apple’s flagship phone is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Despite its lower specs compared to other flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5, many apps are designed specifically for the iPhone in mind, meaning they utilise the operating system and specs better. In short, this means that you can’t really compare gaming performance between an iPhone and an Android phone, so you should only get an iPhone for its other features, such as integration with other Apple devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone that isn’t easily surpassed by competitors. It offers a large screen, plenty of performance and some incredible image quality that makes games look fantastic. It runs Android, meaning you have access to the entire Google library of games and apps. It goes without saying that the Samsung Galaxy S8 can run every game that you throw at it. It terms of performance, it’s one of the world’s most powerful smartphones. This means that if you’re only thinking about playing video games or don’t care much for the S8’s other features, then consider getting something a little older such as an S6 or S7 if the price is an issue.

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