Smart Saving Techniques for Tech

If you love gadgets and all things tech, you probably find it hard to resist buying the latest thing. When you spot something that has some new function or just that looks good, it’s so tempting to buy it right away. But that can get pretty expensive if you always see things you like. There are ways to save money and keep up your tech habit if you’re willing to try them.

Buy Refurbished and Secondhand

The appeal of brand new, shiny piece of tech can be hard to resist. Maybe you want to be one of the first to own it, and you can’t wait to rush out and get it. However, if you can resist the call of a new gadget, you can save by getting it secondhand or refurbished. It can look and feel like new but cost you a lot less.

Choose the Previous Model

You don’t always need to have the latest thing. If you like the look of something, you don’t have to have the newest model. If you go for an earlier model, there’s likely to be a new one out soon anyway. Staying just one generation behind can save you a lot.

Combine Different Functions

Do you really need different gadgets to do different things? For example, an e-reader is fun, but a tablet or even your phone can have an ebook app on it too, and they can do much more besides.

Repair Before Replacing

Before you go and buy something new, consider repairing your computer, phone or tablet. If you love the tech you already have, making repairs can help you keep it, and you’ll save money too.


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