Online Video Slots Rival Electronic Games

With their simple play and visual element, slots are the top money driver at virtually any casino that has them. Slots typically account for more gaming revenue than all other casino games combined.

Part of the popularity of traditional electronic slots on casino floors is the ease of play, small wagers that can pay off handsomely, visually.

Land-based casinos pack their floors with the newest versions and varieties of electronic slots to get more players to try the latest great game. Yet, until recently, slots were best experienced on a live casino floor. Not anymore.

Video slots technology now provides all the fun and excitement of a live casino experience, but from the comfort of a home computer — or even a mobile device. With high-speed Internet and 4G and 5G cellular services available, bettors can live-stream the newest and best video slots and enjoy playing just for fun or wagering to win real money.

A good example is when people play Gonzo’s Quest on The game is one of the newest by developer NetEnt and features 3D graphics and outstanding sound quality.

The immersive game takes players on the quest of fictional explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro aka Gonzo the conquistador. The five-reel video slot offers outstanding video and sound quality, with multiple pay lines.

In many ways, it the game is indicative of the highly advanced technology that enables seamless gaming on computers and mobile devices. All you need to do to play is have a current-generation computer or mobile device, plus Internet or cellular service.

Most people already own a computer, and many also own at least a smartphone or tablet device. That virtually wipes out any barriers to entry for bettors who might want to give online and mobile gambling a try.

Online gambling has been growing at a steady 11 percent rate since 2013, and industry analysts say that growth rate will continue until at least 2020. A lot of that growth is due to the improvement in video slots technology, along with growth of mobile gambling.

As video slots technology has improved, the online gambling experience has reach a fully immersive level that rivals anything experienced on a casino gaming floor. To keep it going, gaming firms are making more elaborate games and titles and releasing them at faster rates.

That means lots of great games are out and available for first-time players, with many new ones on the way.

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