Problems with Streaming TV

It might be an unpopular opinion nowadays, given how ubiquitous certain services are. However, the fact remains that people are proclaiming that Netflix, Apple TV, and similar services are the ‘winners’ of TV a little too soon. When consumers get complacent, providers get sketchy. We need to stay awake and stay aware of some of the major problems still facing our streaming services.

Selection is seriously limited

Okay, so every option to watch TV is limited. But when it comes to streaming services, those limitations become obvious. Movie selections on most of them are just bad for a start. Still, fact that individual users have access to different content splits a consumer base right down the middle which is never good. Yes, you can get savvy as use VPNs from places like secure thoughts to get around some of the limitations. But the fact is that these services should be able to offer packages that apply across the board.

It’s getting even more limited

We all know that the big streaming services cycle their catalog in and out. You lose some shows, you get some new ones. But disturbing trends are showing that, over time, the overall content of the catalogs are shrinking. Despite that fact, the prices continue to go up. With House of Cards being a prime example, even highly-anticipated shows like GLOW and much-loved series like Orange is the New Black might eventually leave Netflix in some places because the rights are sold to other providers. To those who support those series with their wallets, that’s a major blow.

The computer still offers a lot more

You can watch just about anything you want on the internet for free. It might not be legal in all respects, but there is one legal competitor that’s a big threat to other TV streaming services. We’re talking, of course, about Hulu. It might not be an option that everyone is ready to jump to, especially since it only remains free on computers, but it’s another reason why streaming TV providers need to beef up the strength of their packages if they want to hold onto the customers they’ve won.

Always-connected isn’t all-important

We take the reliability of the internet for granted. The fact that we have to always be connected to enjoy streaming TV is a big weakness in it. It’s not a problem with an easy solution, either. If your connection isn’t great, you will have a hard time watching HD shows and it will be a complete impossibility to enjoy the new 4K options rolling out. This means these services are just going to be completely unavailable to not-insignificant swathes of the TV-watching population.

Now, this isn’t saying that streaming services are bad. We all use them, they all have options we love. But the fact is that there still exist alternatives that out-punch them and problems in the services that still make them an uncertain investment for everyone. We can love and criticize. In fact, it’s more important to criticize the companies we love, lest they turn into ones that we don’t.

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