Under the Sea – Our Love of Mermaids in Movies

From merchandise to fan art, the trend for all things mermaid is huge at the minute. Even this mermaid inspired slot game is proving popular online. But in truth, the legendary half-female, half-fish creatures have long being popular and feature in myths worldwide, particularly, Europe, Africa and Asia. They have inspired not only a whole manner of beauty trends but also several games and films.

Our favourite mermaid movie of course is Splash, but that is probably showing our age. Starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks, it is soon to be remade. In truth though, I doubt a modern remake could compare to the original that we grew up with. What of the other mermaid movies though, here are some others showing the obsession with the half-person half-fish creatures.

The 2006 film Aquamarine can be best described as chick flick meets mermaid. Teenage best friends Claire and Hailey obsess over the lifeguard Raymond who works on a Florida beach resort. The girls both sport a huge crush on Raymond but neither dare approach him and with the news that Hayley’s parents are upping sticks to Australia, their summer begins to falter.

That is until they become embroiled in a storm and encounter a mermaid named Aquamarine, who unsurprisingly also dons a huge crush on Raymond. Desperate to prove to Neptune that love does exist, she begs the duo to set her up with the luscious lifeguard. In return the duo will be granted one wish, will Hayley be able to stay in Florida or will she end up moving to the other side of the world?

Paramount Picture’s 1995 release Magic Island on the other hand centres around Jack Carlisle – a seemingly lost 13-year-old boy. His dad has left and his mother is always at work, causing Jack to run away as he is sure he won’t be missed. He’s about to leave before his nanny convinces him to read a magic book which tells the tale about a pirate adventure on Magic Island.

Jack decides to read the book and is dragged into the world in which he embarks on countless adventures with Prince Morgan who happens to running away himself, from the evil Pirate, Blackbeard. Jack is saved by Lily, a beautiful mermaid he can’t help but become besotted with.

Most people tend to get a cake and gifts for their birthday and maybe if they’re lucky, a party. However, in Thirteenth Year, Cody Griffin is turning 13 and things seem to be going well for the teenager: he’s a talented swimmer, close to his family and a girl named Sam seems to have the hots for him.

However, it soon transpires there may be more to his swimming talents that meets the eye when he begins to grow scales and appears as though he may be turning into a fish. It’s a touching tale in which Cody battles with the strange happenings and finds out who his true friends are when he confides in them.

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