Forget Graphics, Go Retro

You might be obsessed with the latest games available for the ultra sophisticated consoles of today. But if you’re constantly focusing on the games of tomorrow, you’ll miss out on some of the gems of the past. Here are a few reasons why you should forget about the biggest games of E3 2017 and explore the back catalogue of titles already released.

They Were Challenging

These days there are two ways you can win most games without even trying. Button bashing works best if you have no idea what you’re doing on fighting games. You can easily kick some butt online without any skill whatsoever. And then there’s cheat sheets or walkthroughs, supplied almost as soon as any new game came out.

With older titles this wasn’t the case. Most games never accommodated casual gamers and were a real challenge. If you don’t believe this, you obviously haven’t played Myst. As for walkthroughs the internet was nowhere near as expansive as it was today. If you wanted a walkthrough, you needed a friend who had already completed it.

They Were Deeper

This isn’t quite true for all modern games but a lot of them are just pretty graphics with no real substance. The story isn’t there and the same can’t be said for older titles. Since the graphics were terrible developers had no choice but to put every ounce of effort they had into the story.

Pure Fun

Finally, there’s lots of reasons these days to play games. You can get Youtube famous, make money or win digital trophies. In the past, it was just about beating the game and if you want to experience this, check out some amazing retro arcades. The infographic below has a full list.

Infographic by Surface Tension

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