6 Telltale Signs You’re A Closet Mobile Gaming Geek

The thing about the mobile phone revolution is that almost everyone has the latest iPhone or Android device. Today’s smartphones often have more processing power and memory than desktop computers you will have used around five years ago! As such, that gives users the freedom to run a variety of apps without the need to carry out a bulky laptop!

Of course, productivity and calling people aren’t the only reasons we use smartphones these days. The mobile gaming niche is expanding at unbelievable levels, and even those with no prior gaming experience get hooked on the hottest mobile game titles that are available to download.

Some people play games on their smartphones to pass the time, while others get addicted and almost obsessed! Do you think you might be in the latter category? If so, the following six signs will confirm if you are a closet mobile gaming geek!

  1. Time goes by while you’re having fun

Let’s say that you decide to have a short gaming session while you’re on your lunch break at work. When you eventually finish your current level, you discover to your horror that you’re about 15 minutes late for work! If that sounds like you, mobile gaming has probably started to take over your life!

  1. You make excuses to play games on your phone

One of the biggest telltale signs that you’re a mobile gaming geek is when you’d rather play games than socialize with your family and friends. If you find yourself making excuses just so you can get away and play on your mobile, you’ve definitely got an addiction to gaming!

  1. You have a meltdown when your phone runs out of battery

Let’s face it; a smartphone dying on you while you’re in the middle of using it is always going to be an annoying experience. But, if you have an absolute meltdown when that happens during the middle of gameplay, you are without a doubt a mobile gaming geek.

  1. You search online for walkthroughs before you start playing a new game

So you’ve downloaded a brand new game for your smartphone. You’re keen to start playing it, but you want to know what to expect. Do you read some online reviews? Probably, but the first thing that springs to mind is to search for a walkthrough! You’re probably thinking of looking for a Mobile Strike guide as you read this, aren’t you?

  1. You buy new smartphones just to make your games faster

Most people upgrade to the latest handsets because they want to enjoy the hottest features offered by a new model. Self-confessed mobile gaming geeks only change up to the latest mobiles for one reason: to make the games they play perform better!

  1. You don’t get out of the house much

One of the reasons people become addicted to mobile gaming is because they seldom have much of a social life. If that sounds like you, it’s important to spend as much time as possible in the offline world. Otherwise, mobile gaming could take over your life, and everyone will think you are weird!

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