Surviving Without The Internet

Before you fly into a panic, let’s just address the fact we’re talking about living temporarily without the internet. If you’re like us, you probably couldn’t stomach the thought of a permanent exile from the digital world. Not when you’re thinking about the podcasts you subscribe to, the online media services you pay for, and all the other important internet biz. But the truth is that some time offline can be good for us. Instead of despairing when you switch homes or internet providers or you have some scheduled downtime, prepare to use that time well. You might be one of those people who actually ends up looking forward to a little internet downtime once in awhile.

Stock up on some content

If you binge on the majority on your content through the online world, then it can be a hard connection to sever. A lot of us use streaming services for music and TV and we get our books online, too. When you know that big internet-less period is coming up, gather that content like a squirrel preparing for winter. Get more podcasts and audiobooks on your devices. Use a 1080p YouTube downloader to make sure you have the next few episodes of whatever video series you’re watching. Perhaps it might even be the time to dust off the old library card (or actually apply for one) and read some books you’ve been meaning to.

Get away for a while

One of the problems many have when it comes to lacking the internet is that they know they have all the tools right there. The computer, the tablet, the router. All the pieces are there and they just have to wait. You wouldn’t care about whether or not your home had internet if you weren’t there. Make the wait much more bearable by taking a city break if you can. We’re not going to recommend you use it as an excuse to relocate closer to another internet source, either. Explore, forget about the online world and have a real-world experience.


Dump that brain

How many readers would say that the internet, as helpful as it can be, sometimes serves as more of a distraction than anything else? Assuming that every single person reading this has raised a hand, it might be time to take the opportunity to take another look at what you’re supposed to be doing. Have a career you would like to start? A project you want to work on? A trip you have been meaning to take? This is the perfect time for a brain dump. To put all those thoughts on paper and start organizing them into a to-do list.

Audit your time

A brain dump is the start but this might be the time to start properly prioritizing how you use your day, as well. When you’re away from the internet, you realize just how long a day can be. Figure out what your life priorities are and use your computer (offline) to start creating a proper schedule for your time. Keep some internet time for personal use, but if this is what it takes for you to realize too much of your time right now is personal internet time, then this could be the opportunity to reorganize that you need.

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