Making a Living From Living

Everybody dreams of building a career out of the hobbies or interests in which they divulge as part of their personal life. Rather than coming home from work and playing a videogame or picking up an instrument, it’d be amazing if you were winning global gaming tournaments for cash prizes or playing the MEN arena to an audience of thousands. Of course, for the majority of us, we dismiss these dreams as simply that: a dream.

Yet, it’s not quite as unbelievable to make a living out of simply living and doing the things you love as people often claim it to be. Of course, if you’d love to be an astronaut and you have no qualifications to get you into NASA, then you might have to spend quite a few years correcting that to stand a chance, but there is always a route to making a living doing the things you love. Perhaps you have a creative brain and you buy into the myth that artists can’t make money, but here are some ways to make a living through simply living which might change your perception of how easy it is to have a career which involves your genuine passion.

Becoming a writer.

If you’ve always had an eye for language and literature, then perhaps writing has always been your calling. Of course, you may already have known that, but you were deterred by the seeming impossibility of getting anywhere in the industry. Whilst it is true that you’d struggle to become the next J. K. Rowling tomorrow, unless you had an idea which was far better than you thought, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a foot in the door of the industry. The internet has made it far easier for creative writers to squeeze their way into journalism through writing articles on personal blogs or offering their services to existing bloggers and marketing companies. You could still write fiction in your spare time whilst working throughout the day on turning some marketing copy into an extravagant, flamboyant piece of art.

Having fun.

The definition of a “career” has extended far beyond the physical world, thanks to the birth of the internet and the opportunities it has afforded people to work for anyone anywhere in the world. Whether you’re striving to become a freelancer and offer a service to clients or find a steady career, there’s no end to the options out there for you. The best part is that this can be fun if your talents lie in something a little off the wall.

You could check out sites such as the one here if you’ve always loved betting games. There are even sites, as mentioned here, which offer you money to play games, use products or simply watch adverts for sponsored brands. If you’re willing to free up a little time each day, you could be making additional disposable income or a full-blown career out of doing something fun online. It’s all about your level of determination and motivation, at the end of the day.


Market yourself online.

Whether you’re trying to lure in clients for your online business or you want to entice an employer into hiring you for the job of your dreams, it all comes down to a great understanding of online marketing. If you want to capture the attention of your audience, you need to sell yourself. It might seem uncomfortable or as if you’re boasting, but that’s how you make it in the business world; especially as a creative. Demonstrate your writing, drawing or computing skills through a personal website and learn about SEO to really push yourself into people’s line of view.

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