The Suicide ‘Director’ Squad – The Doomed Collection of the DC Directors

The impact of Ben Affleck quitting as Batman director is still being felt and the world of DC is in a weird place right now. With Mel Gibson rumoured to be taking on the Suicide Squad 2 has the world well and truly gone mad?

I have a confession, there are moments of Suicide Squad I actually like. It is a fun movie with Will Smith and Margot Robbie trying their best to save it. Just a shame that Jared Leto’s version of the Joker didn’t work for me. I dread to think of what the second movie would include, because logic states that they need a sure thing to make the film work. Often this sure thing will mean…more Joker.

Whatever scenario you place your bets on you won’t even need a Bet365 promo code to win the bet. If Mel Gibson was to be the director, would this be a bad thing? A complicated one to ponder, in some ways it would be, but in others it would be a disaster. If you take any notice of celebrity news surrounding Gibson, you know his history of being a controversial character and there are many who would like to see him stay away from the world of the superhero.

Looking at his work as a director though Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, and Hacksaw Ridge do show his skill. I do believe in redemption, and people do have to be given second chances. The problem is though how many chances does Gibson get before he finally shows he is unwilling to change? I’m sure Gibson is back to being a success, but Suicide Squad arguably needs a less controversial and more dependable director at the moment. Though I would love to be proven wrong.

What of Batman? It seems these days that LEGO have more success with the caped crusader. With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice not living up to expectations, expectations for Justice League seems to be low. Then of course there is the solo Batman movie where we appear to have lost Affleck as the director. In the shambles that is left of that film, there is still one hope. Ben Affleck is a good Batman, we just have to hope he doesn’t give up on the character too.

So, what is it with DC and movies at the moment? We could point to the choice of directors and debate whether that is the issue, and I would point to my dislike of Zack Synder when I get negative about the Superman focused movies. Through the negative aspects of the films though, there is also the glimmer of hope in that they are not bad movies, they just don’t live up to expectation.

So, with all of the director issues, and failures we see in the DC movies, there is real worry when it comes to the future of these films. We fans hope that Wonder Woman will be the saving grace, but what if it isn’t? Can the Justice League save the day? While I have lots of doubt in regard to DC I do want them to be a success, especially Wonder Woman because the trailers so far have been very impressive.

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