A Game Of Risk

Everyday new tech comes out that makes the prior generation of whatever somewhat obsolete, which can be infuriating. Let’s say you got yourself the iPhone 6; you saved up for the down payment and signed up for a 24 month contract, only for news of the iPhone 7 to break 3 weeks later with news that it is going to be on sale in 6 months time. Classic.

But what if it worked the other way? Let’s take the fastest growing tech industry; video games. It is only growing in terms of size and value. Each new Call Of Duty game brings in billions of dollars, for example. However, there is a serious amount of money to be made in old games these days. The nostalgic value is on the rise and, what’s more, these assets are only getting more rare. Every sector seems to have a niche market for historic artifacts, and it seems the gaming industry is no different.

Are video games a safe investment?

Any investment you make – no matter what the industry – has its risks. In fact, the only things that separates an investment from a gamble is the amount of market research you put in first. The same goes for games. There are certain things you need to take into consideration. These include the game’s age and condition, how many copies were sold, how many are still in circulation, is it rare, can fakes be made or emulators be used, was it popular and how high up does it rank in the ‘best games of all time’ list? All of these will contribute to the risk, as will time. You can’t make a quick buck here, not really, so it is an investment that requires you playing the long game.

The Rare Winners

Nintendo World Championships is probably the top of any game investors list, and that is because it is extremely rare and was made specifically for a tournament held in 1990. Only 26 copies were made, and they weren’t for sale, they were strictly available to competition winners. What’s more, the cartridge themselves were gold and glittery, only adding to the allure. Why is this at the top of the list the though? Well, if you have one, it is worth somewhere in the region of $100,000. So if you’ve suddenly gulped and realised that you have one at home, you best clean it up and get on eBay.

Of course, people are predicting other Nintendo games that will boom in years to come. For example, the experts at http://www.gamesniped.com/featured-articles/nes-price-guide-and-rarities/ are saying the NEs games, even loose one, can fetch a buck now and will only continue to rise. A loose version of Stadium Events, for example, could net you up to $8000 today.

The Totally Odd

There was a game called Birthday Mania that was arguably the worst game ever. It was a personalised birthday game whereby the user could blow out birthday candles; that was the peak of it’s brilliance. Oh and it had a personalised title screen, so if you bought for a friend you could make it just for them. However, the chances you own one are slim because, well, they only made a handful of them (surprise, surprise). If you do have one, though, you could be looking upward of $30,000.

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