A Look at Some of 2017’s Biggest Games

We’re well into the swing of things in 2017, and we’re hopefully set for another great year of gaming. For PC gamers, there is a lot to look forward to as a range of top games are due for release later this year.

So in this blog, we’re taking a look ahead to what the coming year will bring. Be warned, once you take a look through this list, you’ll find your virtual bank funds for the coming months are likely to take a big hit! Get ready to fire up your gaming PC!

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

With just the kind of title you would expect from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the new South Park game will delight fans just as their last offering South Park: The Stick of Truth did. Unlike other games based on TV shows, these guys usually know how to hit the mark. Like playing through an episode of the ever-popular show itself, there will be plenty of RPG elements as you once again assume the role of the ‘New Kid’ and find yourself in the middle of ridiculous adventures with Cartman and the rest of the gang.

Halo Wars 2

Taking the wildly popular concept of Halo and turning it into a strategy game, the original Halo Wars game sadly never appeared on the PC but the second in the series will. In the eight years since the original came out, quite a bit will have changed but it has still been developed so that you can play with an XBox or Steam controller. If you are into your cerebral strategy games, this should fit the bill perfectly. It’s time for the Covenant and the UNSC to once again go head to head and we can’t wait!

Sniper Elite 4

The Sniper Elite series has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2005 when it was considered an inferior version of Call of Duty. With excellent graphics and convincing gameplay, the next in the series is set to continue where Sniper Elite 3 left off and gamers everywhere are excited for its impending release.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

The Mount and Blade series has been around for years and years but its popularity endures. Unlike other medieval style games, you won’t be battling any dragons or goblins but everything has been designed to be as realistic as possible down to the ancient castles, galloping horses and blunt weaponry. You have a lot of freedom with your character and the gameplay combines adventure, strategy and role playing.   

Mass Effect: Andromeda
When Bioware release a new game, most people sit up and take notice. The Mass Effect series has always been built on strong storylines and believable characters, but the latest game dispenses with the old faces so it takes something of a risk. However, the graphics are set to improve once again while the multiplayer options also look like they have been given a major boost so things are looking good.

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