Winning Comedy Moments Found on Twitter

It’s nearly been 11 years since the first the first tweet was sent in March 2006 by founder Jack Dorsey. Back then hashtags weren’t even a “thing”, the first use not coming until over a year later. With 310 million active monthly users betting that some comedy gold would come to the surface would seem a no-brainer, and you would be right.

We list the top ‘winning’ tweets that made us giggle.

When you try to rotate your options but your wardrobe lets you down:

James Blunt showing us all why he’s the king of funny tweets:

 This Eminem wannabe will probably get the bus next time:

American comedian Brian Gaar seemed hit the nail on the head with his interpretation of a relationship:

If you want to really get to somebody, call them a clown:


When you try to mess with your parents and they don’t even notice:


James Blunt has become something of legend on twitter with his witty replies and this list wouldn’t be complete without having potentially his best ever tweet:

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