The Easy Way To Customize A Phone

Something that most of us enjoy doing with any device is finding ways to make it ours. With a keen customization, a phone can easily become much more than just a device to carry around. Taken to its limits, customization can even become a way for making the phone a statement about the individual. This isn’t always necessary, of course, but it can be enjoyable, and it is worth knowing how to easily do it if you are curious as to what is entailed. The truth is, there are now a huge number of ways to make your phone more suited to you as an individual, and knowing them all is bound to help if you are looking for the same with your device. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to customize your phone in a variety of ways.


Something which people don’t often think about when it comes to customization is the settings on the phone. Having your phone set exactly how you want it is surely the pinnacle of customizing it, as it sets it apart in a real way from the phones of others. Fortunately, there are apps which can help you towards that end, and make the process significantly easier. A good example of such an app is Flashify, which allows you to store settings for pretty much everything on your device, from brightness on different apps to boot images and recoveries. This is a great app for the user who likes to have complete control, and it even offers full access to a remote backup service – something everyone can easily get behind.

The Case

This is probably the most popular way to customize a phone, and it is easy to see why that might be. With a customized case, you can make sure that your phone looks exactly how you want it to. And if you thought that you had to choose from a pre-set list of image options, think again. The fact is, using services such as Put a Case on Me, you can get hold of a cover for your phone sporting pretty much anything you like on it. It could be a photo of your lover, your dog – it doesn’t matter, the point is, it’s yours and you can do what you like with it. Customize the case, and it’s like the whole phone gets something of a second life.

The Look

Of course, the true customization junkie will want to take a look at the way the phone looks during use as well. Items such as the home screen, buttons and effects between windows can add a certain touch of something else to any phone, and they can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your phone is as personal to you as possible. If you are someone who really wants to make the most of customization options, then using an app such as Zedge should help you turn your phone into exactly what you want it to be.

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