Computer Infected With Viruses? Here’s 4 Tips to Help You Deal With It

If you’ve ever experienced a virus infection in your computer, then you’ll know how difficult it is to clean out the invaders unless you resort to a full reformat of your computer. Even then, your computer might have suffered even greater problems and now the hardware is damaged or your important files are now unrecoverable. It’s times like this that we could all use a helping hand to clean up the invaders and sort out our computers, and here’s some advice on how to do just that.

Hire a data recovery specialist

Sometimes you need to resort to reformatting your computer and completely wiping the hard drives. But sadly, you might have some important information on your computer that you have to recover before doing so. If you’re more worried about the data itself more than your computer, then perhaps a data recovery specialist is all you need to remove your stress. Whether it’s important family pictures, work-in-progress documents or even sensitive customer information for your home business, it’s vital that you seek a professional as quickly as possible. There are mysql data recovery services as well if you run specialised database software for your home business or personal use.

Look for specialised software tools

There are many viruses and malware infections that can be completely cleaned out with specific tools designed to combat that software. While antivirus software can typically remove most infections, there are situations where you’ll end up having traces of the infection left over because your antivirus hasn’t been updated yet to account for a new strain of the virus and thus, can’t completely wipe it out. If you do a quick Google search of the symptoms of your virus you’ll end up with a name, and if it’s a very common virus then you might be in luck and there might be a specialised tool to wipe it out.


Reformat your computer

Reformatting is just a fancy way of saying “wipe everything out”. This can be done with the help of a new Windows install disc, or you can also do it within Windows itself but it’s a good idea to have your install disc handy so you can reinstall windows afterwards. There are many guides on the internet on how to safely reformat your hard drive whether you’re on a PC or Mac. Before reformatting a computer, you might want to backup all of your important files because everything will be deleted—including the viruses.

Buy a new computer

Sometimes the best option is to just buy a new computer. Some malicious viruses will go as far to ruin your computer hardware and make it difficult to repair. If you’re using an old computer, then it might be worth buying a new computer and starting from scratch. With the help of some data recovery services to restore all your important data, you’ll have all of your files back in no time. However, you should never use an old hard drive if you have suffered a virus infection on your computer because the infected files could still be lurking on your hard drives and you don’t want to infect your new computer!

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