Getting Rid of Unwanted Gifts

Christmas is here, and you’ll no doubt have a Christmas tree up with plenty of gifts to go under it. What happens to those unwanted gifts though that just collect dust on your shelves, or even worse in a cupboard where they can be forgotten about?


There are plenty of ways these gifts can be used again, sometimes they just need to be rediscovered and given a little love. Some though are destined for better homes where somebody else can find pleasure in them.

On Pissed Off Geek you’ll notice that we love all things movie, video game, and tech related, and plenty of other stuff beyond that. With this in mind, sometimes even we have to get rid of the clutter that we tend to collect, and there are numerous ways that this can be done.

  • Charity: There are plenty of people out there who could use these gifts, if you are willing to give them up. With foodbanks and charities giving away toys at Christmas, it is always nice to donate things that you are willing to give up for better homes. If these unwanted gifts put smiles on people’s faces, isn’t that an even worthier gift that can be given?
  • Sell Them: Sometimes we need money ourselves, and the Internet has many ways that can help in this endeavour. One such service is Zapper who have simplified the process of selling your unwanted technology and entertainment clutter, and as a bonus offer some of the best prices for your items than many other sites who offer the same service. Easy to use, and tailored to take away the hassle of having to sell the items yourself, it is by far the easiest way to sell things. In these hard times, it’s always good to be able to make some money off items no longer needed.
  • Re-Discover the fun: Why not simply take time to enjoy the gift for what they are? If it is a movie, re-watch it. If it is a game, give it another try. There are always ways to find fun in the things that have been forgotten, we just have to find them.

Whether these gifts are from this year, or previous years there is still a purpose out there for them. Whether this is by selling them on, giving them away or even finding the fun in the forgotten, they can find a use again. If you are a fan of Toy Story, you’ll have no doubt seen the message that it tries to provide to the audience. No toy should be forgotten, there is always somebody out there who can give it a little love.

So, if you are trying to find some space for your new Christmas gifts, or simply getting rid of some that you’ll receive on Christmas day, there are plenty of ways to deal with them. Whether you make a profit out of them, do a charitable thing, or simply find fun in the gift again, there is always a use for that item cluttering your home. You just have to take a little time in finding the right place for it, or the right owner.

Do you have any ideas what can be done with unwanted gifts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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