The Best Online Companies for Customer Service

When things go wrong, we want the problem dealing with quickly, efficiently, and for as little money as possible. Some companies have worked out that if they offer sensitive and personal customer service, they guarantee their client’s loyalty and repeat custom. That has to be good for building and maintaining business, right? It’s especially important for online companies. Their face-to-face interactions are limited to almost nothing. Hence their online presence is all a customer has to build a relationship with, so it’s crucial that they get it right. Here are just four companies that receive consistently good reviews.



Think back to 2013, do you remember the story of Netflix’s Trekky customer service representative? Speaking as ‘Cpt Mike of the good ship Netflix’, he stayed in character the whole time and got the problem solved. His fun and personal approach to operating the online live chat function received Netflix’s customer service department international recognition. Netflix has realized the vulnerable position that poor customer relations could put them in. As an entirely online provider, people can quickly switch to a new streaming service. They would, therefore, have little opportunity to win their custom back. It is clear that they have put money and research into the best customer services and customer retention techniques. As well as the online chat option, there is also a toll-free phone number and a great self-help section of their website. has more information.



If you ask anyone who the best online company for customer service is, chances are they’ll choose Amazon. They tick all the boxes and consistently offer customers the opportunity to feedback their experiences. This means they are able to adapt to new problems and offer up-to-date solutions. Even at the point of sale, they’re way ahead of most, with free shipping and price guarantees. When things go wrong, they’re almost unparalleled in their desire to help, with automatic refunds and a huge portfolio of online self-help.



Although not a solely online company, Apple conduct their customer service as a two-pronged approach. Their Genius Bars, found in many cities, offer fast, professional, and personalized help for anyone who can get to their stores. Many problems Apple customers experience can be solved by the Geniuses or the store will send the problem device off to the Repair Centre. Customers who are unable to access the Genius Bars have the option of live chat, telephone, and email to speak to a representative. A preliminary survey on the website directs customers along the most relevant route to solve their query. If AppleCare customers have to send their devices to the Repair Centre, all the packaging and postage is supplied by Apple.

It’s clear that all three of these companies enjoy a customer focus that is central to the furthering of their business. The customer experience is a key part of their products, and their websites’ usability is a great signifier of this. It’s just a shame that not all companies operate like these.

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