5 Geeky Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

We all love making money. And finding ways to earn extra cash by celebrating our greatest passions is a geek’s idea of heaven.

Here are five incredible solutions to help you gain an injection of money. Whether it’s a side project or a genuine career is down to your levels of commitment. Either way, those extra funds will certainly come in handy.



Video games aren’t strictly for geeks and have become ubiquitous in modern culture. However, the most fanatical players easily fall into the category of geeks. And this can be used to earn serious money.

Professional gamer is a difficult job title to explain to your Grandma, but it can be very lucrative. In some places, the top players are considered major celebrities. So grab your joypad and get practicing. You could be earning millions!

Stamp Collecting

Selling the idea of stamp collecting to a non-collector is a very difficult task. But when done well, this hobby has the potential to earn the owner lots of money. As the 10 most valuable stamps of all time show, this can be considered serious business.

Coin collectors can enjoy similar levels of profit through their endeavours too. The key is to immerse yourself with information and then try to spot a bargain. As a handy tip, car boot sales can be a potential goldmine.

Niche Blogger

The art of blogging is still a growing phenomenon, and the opportunities continue to grow each year. You’re unlikely to rival the biggest entertainment sites in the most popular fields. But there’s still ample opportunity to target niche audiences. This makes it the perfect option for any geek wanting to make money.

If you love something, there will be other people out there who love it too. Find a writing style that resonates with the audience and you can’t go far wrong. Moreover, you can include the use of YouTube videos to spice up your content too. Who knows, you might even get to interview your idols too.

Comic Books

Hollywood has made superheroes very cool. However, this is only true when discussing films and video games. The humble comic book is still very much reserved for the geek world. However, those within this world all appreciate that there’s big money to be made from this hobby.

You could also use your love of comic book heroes to make money through various slot machines and casino games. Better still, you can do so without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

Graphic Design

Geeky and cool aren’t mutually exclusive. Quite frankly, a career in graphic design is one that appeals to many. But it’s very much a field in which geeks can thrive. You could take a course in the subject or teach yourself. Either way, a professional graphic designer can earn fantastic money.

Most geeks have the natural flair for knowing what looks great on a page or canvas. This creativity and innovative thinking should stand you in great stead. Who knows, you might even land yourself a job working with characters you’ve loved since childhood.

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