Slotting in with Popular Culture

I remember slot machines when I was growing up where you put your money in, pushed the button and it was as simple as if you got three of the same fruit showing it meant you had won.  Then the money comes out and you repeat the process.  As technology has moved on slot machines have become more complicated to catch your interest, the winnings have increased and with the move to internet casinos a whole new world of entertainment has opened up.


As with all games to catch peoples interest when playing games like these popular culture becomes an important tool.  One example of this is the use of super heroes in the game.  Instead of the more generic form of picture choices like fruit, pictures of super heroes are used and a more complicated form of winning combinations are available.  Sites provide different games based on your needs, classic online is the three-reel slot games we all remember and then the more fun video online slots which offer multi-line pay-outs with a five reel system instead.  These can be confusing at first but given time you get to understand how things work, especially after you start winning.

When playing games like this of course you do have to be aware that real money is being used, though practice runs are available.  The fact that spins can be set to run automatically is an interesting feature, but you really do have to be aware that this means your money will go down fast.  I’m sure it goes without saying that people who play these games a lot must budget their money and know when to stop, and it really is important to make sure that kids don’t get access to the accounts.


As you’ll have probably noticed on Pissed Off Geek we like super heroes so seeing that there are games based on the Marvel characters available I did check them out.  The Avengers is an interesting use in slot games as there are plenty of character images that can be used.  It’s interesting that the pictures that are used in the slots are made to look like the movie characters (but slightly different than the actor’s likeness).  Getting a big pay out from linking up all of the Avengers is an example of where they are put to great use.  It’s a shame that there is no feel of an actual  story to the game though as this is something that has been done a lot recently, but that may just complicate things for people who just want to concentrate on winning some money.

Online gambling is a big business and although I don’t really do much if I was to give it a try I do think it would be slot machines like the Marvel ones.  I like the use of characters that I know, I like the ease of use and the fact that things are kept fun.  The fact that you can practice before putting any money into the games is also a nice touch, especially to gain some experience in just how things work so this is a no risk style of game.  When real money is used though, that is when people must always remember just how real it is, because if anything these games do lack a feel of actually putting physical coins in a machine which can lead to problems.

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