Technology and the Evolution of Entertainment

Depending on your viewpoint technology has either improved society or damaged it.  The internet and the way we use it has adapted over the last few decades in ways to make a lot of our daily jobs easier than ever be it banking, researching information, buying things or even applying for jobs.  The more enjoyable side of things though is entertainment.  From gaming to listening to music, watching movies or even reading a book as technology gets better so does the many ways we use it.


Examples of just how the internet has been improving for our entertainment needs are easy to see.  We now use services such as Spotify to listen to music legally and we can even download plenty of songs from services such as iTunes without the need to pirate them.  Netflix and Amazon now not only allow us to watch movies but also television shows and at our own leisure.  We are turning into a society that no longer has to fit the schedules of television channels but we can watch episodes of our favourite shows when we want and in a quantity that suits us.

In gaming technology has been used to improve not only how the games look but how we use them.  The current generation game systems (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) have made a move to make gaming more of a social experience even allowing the gamers to stream their game playing to sites like so that other people can watch them play, and even offer critique on where they are going wrong.  A good example of this recently would be the PT (playable teaser) event for Silent Hills.  This game was designed to make people want to stream their gameplay, and not only that they were pushed to socialise with other players to solve just how to make it to the next level.  It’s obvious that the future of gaming is about the social experience, and this expands further than just console gaming.

Gambling is something that has been around in our society for as long as we can remember and it has evolved to be a major part of our lives, even if we don’t take part in it.  Not only do we have lotteries but we also have casinos where we can go and strike it rich if we are really lucky.  Online Gambling has become big business and has grown with the internet to huge, and as long as people do so responsibility they can make a lot of money themselves through it.  Whether they are playing the roulette tables or playing card games like poker, gambling is always available 24/7.

The internet continues to grow and so does technology and as we move into the future it will be interesting to see just where it takes us.  Whatever form of entertainment we choose,  the internet will almost always be there to provide an experience that will only get better.  As virtual reality in the form of Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus become more popular maybe it’s finally time for VR to show what it can do.  Whatever the future may hold technology will be a part of it, whether people like it or not and personally, I have no problem with that.

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