The Hidden Secrets of Finding Nemo


You know all those movie fanatics who always seem so critical of movies and like to look down on the so called non-intellectual films out there? I know their weakness, and that is animation.  Sit them in front of a Pixar film for example and they’ll end up with a smile on their faces and relive their childhoods and all the other clichés that we can think of when it comes to things like this.

Finding Nemo is making its way to Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D in the United Kingdom on Monday 27th May and this is arguably one of those films that film geeks can’t resist, and why is that? Well Pixar is a company that is full of these so called geeks, and they know just the way to hit the right spots and make any movie lover fall in love with what they see on the screen.  Just think to yourself now, what is your favourite part of this movie? Is it the great escape out of the dentist? The seagulls? Or even the aggressive crabs? I’m sure there are many more you can think of, because I know I can coughs “he touched the butt…”, the sharks, the school of fish…and the list goes on.

To celebrate the release of Finding Nemo this Monday I was sent a video that I just had to share, because quite honestly I loved it.  If you love Disney, Pixar or even just animated moviers I’m sure you’ll love it as well as it looks at the Easter eggs in the movie.  Did you ever notice the famous Mickey silhouette in the Jellyfish scene? Or Buzz Lightyear in the Dentist’s reception? What about the kid holding the Incredibles comic? Well this video points them all out.  So here you go, the Finding Nemo Easter egg video:

I’ll admit there were plenty of references that I’d missed or just not been looking for because you almost get used to these things being there in the background.  The seagulls being a reference to Wallace & Gromit? That was a new one on me, but when it was mentioned it does make sense.  How about you? have you seen any that weren’t in this video?

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