Film News: Ten Must See Movies on LOVEFiLM Instant

Here at Pissed off Geek we have quite a unique taste in films. From classics to the more unique cult variety we love all kinds, even if we have more of a taste for the macabre. Below is a selection of choices from the LOVEFiLM Instant service that not only catches our interest but will hopefully catch yours. There is no order in the choices just take it that all are equal. Click on the name of the film and you will be taken to the LOVEFiLM page to view the movie.

Attack the Block

One of the best British films of last year this has to be one of the highlights of the LOVEFiLM Instant service. When a group of “chavs” see something fall from the sky they hunt it down only to find a small alien, taking it back to the block of flats where they live they soon see more falling to the earth. These aliens are bigger though and seem to be taking over. Full of explosive action and comedy this is a must see.

Four Lions

Christopher Morris brings one of his funniest political satires to LOVEFiLM with Four Lions the story of four jihadists ready to blow themselves up in an act of terrorism. More comedy than violence you grow to love the bumbling fools for their idiotic attempts in becoming terrorists. With standout scenes such as a discussion as to whether a Wookie is indeed a bear and an unfortunate encounter with exploding animals such as crows and sheep this is an excellent choice for anybody with a sense of humour. Rubber dinghy rapids bro!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

All Tucker and Dale wanted to do was to repair their holiday house in the woods; little did they know they would be mistaken as killer rednecks trying to slaughter a group of teenagers who just happen to be camping nearby. Gory and fun Tucker and Dale slowly bumble their way through the teenagers who just happen to cause their own inventive deaths, an instant classic and a must watch on LOVEFiLM.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

After all the monsters and blowing things up it seems strange to choose an animated film about food but this is one of those films that although aimed at kids manages to transcend its target demographic and become a true hit with adults as well. When a scientist manages to create a machine that makes food fall from the sky it makes the little island he lives on famous. With a combination of mad scientist, bad weather and food showers nothing can go wrong now can it? Well you will see.

Dead Snow

Back to the monsters with a bang with the ultimate Nazi Zombie film. What would you do if you found Nazi gold hidden under the cabin you are living in? Leave it alone right? I’m sure you’ve guessed what option is taken in the film. Of course when the legion of Nazi zombie troops crawl out of the ground to get their gold back you have to fight back; prepare for tons of blood, intestines flying everywhere and chainsaws being swung around wildly as the battle commences.


Locked away from the world in a room with nothing but a TV then thrust back out into the sunlight without a clue of who you are really must mess a guy up; Old Boy seems to cope well. Trying to figure out exactly why he was locked away in the first place is only the start of his problems as the strange mysterious nemesis pushes him towards the truth or not only his imprisonment but his continued torture. With outstanding scenes of violence and a twisted ending you’ll never forget this is a must for fans of Asian movies.


Duncan Jones’ directorial debut comes in the form of Moon, the story of a lone spaceman on the moon with the only company being a computer voiced by Kevin Spacey. Coming to the end of his contract after three years he dreams of going back to earth to his daughter who was born after he left for the moon, but a strange series of events will change not only his view on life but his view on what exactly his job on the moon was in the first place.

District 9

Filmed in South Africa District 9 takes a unique view of how our first encounter with aliens would happen. When an alien spacecraft arrives over Johannesburg asking for help the area underneath the ship quickly becomes a shanty town to house the refugee aliens known as the “Prawns”. An arrogant government agent is forced to take a new view of them as he becomes infected by their technology and slowly begins to turn into one of their kind; experiencing exactly what it’s like to be a minority and to suffer the prejudice of the people they turned to for help.


Ink, a mysterious shadowy creature steals the soul of a child and takes her on a journey to use her to bargain with the makers of nightmares, the Incubi. A battle for a little girls soul we see the story through the perspectives of the real and nightmare world with an excellent ending that is worthy of any fairy tale. This is one of those hidden gems that you often find on services such as LOVEFiLM offers. Grab the chance now and get it watched.

Gone with the Wind

With most other genres being covered it is almost the perfect way to end the list to pick one of the best movies of all time and a love story that is epic in nature. Taking the American Civil War as the backdrop for the story this is the epic tale of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. Featuring one of the most known lines of all time this is not only an excellent film but a moment in film history and should be on everybody’s list of favourite movies. If it’s not on yours then quite frankly I don’t give a damn.

For more information on the choices available to you on LOVEFiLM be sure to check out the LOVEFiLM Youtube Channel.

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