WWE 2K16 Goes Stonecold for its Cover Star


Today the cover star for WWE 2K16 has been announced in the form of WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. After setting the WWE Universe on fire during one of WWE’s most celebrated time periods – the “Attitude Era” – to his wealth of television, film and podcasting accomplishments, Austin has amassed worldwide…

The Predator finally arrives for Mortal Kombat X


We’ve already had Jason Voorhees make his debut in Mortal Kombat X, and now it is time for another iconic killer to enter “kombat” with the release of the Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle, new downloadable content (DLC) that features the ultimate hunter, Predator from the films of the same name, as a playable character and three…

Creating the Ultimate Gaming Setup


Gamers dream about the ultimate setup in the best possible space to totally geek out over the latest adventure. Whether you are going to invest in over one hundred hours in Fallout 4’s futuristic dystopian wasteland that is Boston come this November, or you want to chill in the luscious cityscapes that Grand Theft Auto…

Extant Season 2 has Landed on Amazon Prime

"Change Scenario" -- Coverage of the CBS series EXTANT, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS
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Good news for fans of Extant, the second season of the show is now available on Amazon Prime Video. The new series premieres today (2nd July) in the UK, and is available just hours after the US broadcast. The sci-fi series is produced by Steven Spielberg and stars Halle Berry. The second season will focus on…

‘Housebound’ Review


Films focusing around characters under house arrest seem to be having some success lately; even Shia LaBeouf with Disturbia, and not forgetting Famke Janssen’s often underrated 100 Feet. One of the most recent to use this conceit very well is Housebound though why it’s taken so long to get it a UK release is a…

First Trailer for Creed Enters the Ring with Michael B. Jordan & Sylvester Stallone


Today we have the first trailer for Creed, and the first thing that has my attention straight away is that this is the reuniting of Michael B. Jordan and director Ryan Coogler. You’ll remember that I reviewed their movie Fruitvale Station here. Also bringing back Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, this feels like the trailer that his…